Socialii’s Apps


Use the Posts app to connect to the social networks you use most. You can schedule a post or publish a post with ease. The Posts app offers five features:


Use the Composer section to connect to your social media networks, schedule your post, preview posts, see accounts based on activity over the past 30 days, and retrieve popular Twitter hashtags legally – which lets you boost your posts on your own network or create effect ads based on what's trending. Plan posts directly, right from the Composer tab.


Easily create new posts ahead of time for a specific date, look at posts that you have scheduled, and delete posts you've decided not to post. The scheduled section also features a Quick Schedule feature that makes it easy to schedule a post simply by clicking on date.


Use the insight feature to quickly gain information about upcoming scheduled posts and reply to social media comments. See insights and stats on your connected social media accounts and view a posts list from one easy section.


View the historical use of social media, including published drafted and scheduled posts. Click the Details button to see a post's content and the networks where you have published it or have scheduled publication. Social points out errors to keep everything straight or let you see where you went wrong. Use the History feature to quickly and easily generate reports on your social media posts.

RSS feeds

Take charge of RSS feeds with this handy feature. Create a list of feeds, disable or enable RSS feeds, search for feeds, and delete feeds, all from one tab. Click on Manage to enjoy five other sections for automating RSS posting or scheduling the posts you want to share. Generate reports, get posting info and read error message in RSS History.

This amazing app works across all of the most popular social networks in your media feed, including Facebook and Facebook Groups and Pages, Reddit, Dailymotion, Flickr, Imgur, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Blogger, VK, Wordpress and Telegram Groups and Channels.

With just a click using Socialii, you can create groups with your social media accounts and publish to every account at once, across the Posts app, Stream and Social Planner, and RSS.

Use Socialii to publish on any Wordpress website and to schedule and publish posts on Whatsapp.


Streamline all of your Facebook pages inboxes with the INBOX app to make replying to messages simple and fast. Create fast replies and auto replies for clients based on exact words or phrases. Create a list of message responses with Private Messages for automating the comments on your Facebook page quickly and easily. View the analytics of both Private Messages and Quick Replies with just a click.


Manage all uploaded files with ease. Creae multimedia file categories to integrate randomly with the Socialii Social Planner App.


Enable Socialii's apps to allow addition of widgets and display of your plan's activities.


Temporary for now, the Emails section lets you create email campaigns, lists and templates sing a visual composer—and then you can send to a selected list and get stats for each template sent. You also get the option to add your SMTP.


  • Amazon and eBay RSS Creators – create an RSS feed from a seller's products, and then publish it easily on your social media networks. You can also implement your referral code in the feed.
  • Emails Planner – plan your emails and decide when emails go out. Schedule email campaigns by the day and specify the send time while deciding how often you'll email a particular list of recipients.
  • Group Accounts – create a number of accounts for a group and then publish them all with one simple click.
  • Mail Chimp Importer – pair MailChimp with Socialii lists and then export emails.
  • Posts Planner – lets you to determine when a post is published. Choose to publish by days of the week or hour and determine how often and at what interval to post.
  • Spintax – send emails and original posts in any language. Use the tool to create a word list, and then add synonyms for each to spin your text randomly.

Socialii Ads Manager

Use the Socialii Facebook Ads Manager to manage ads on your favorite social media streams, including Facebook, including Facebook Messenger and Facebook Marketplace, and Whatsapp.

The Ads Manager lets you create as many ads, ad sets, and ad campaigns as you want using a simple interface that's so easy that anyone can use it with just a few clicks.

See how your ad will look on your chosen networks before posting with the app's preview mode. Publish ads with links, text, images, and videos across the most popular platforms.

Socialii Social Planner

Automate your posts across social networks with the Socialii Social Planner, an advanced tool that's easy to use. With just a few mouse clicks, you can plan your posts for an entire year, selecting the days you want to publish your posts, with intervals between posts as little as two hours or between two different dates. Select post order and limit the number of posts you publish, all with a few clicks.

Select up to 100 posts with the Socialii Social Planner, on both social accounts and group accounts. Set up rules for each planned post. Publish your posts in order or opt for random publishing of posts in your list.

Create new posts easily with text, title, links, videos and images. Import up to 1,000 posts via CSV file, click on a calendar to plan postings by day, week or month. Delete planned posts or edit posts with minimal hassle.

Connect your social accounts and group accounts in the app's manager directly via the Planify modal. Select or unselect accounts for planned posts and edit posts or add new rules with ease.

Add images to a category, choose the number of posts you want to publish, and select the category for multimedia or opt for random category selection. Remove or add multimedia files from the Storage app.

Socialii Stream app

Easily monitor your online activity via the Socialii Stream app—all on a single page. See everything in real time, including emails and private messages on social media, comments, and RSS feeds—and interact with them to engage your audience.

Use the Stream app to reply to comments and emails, share posts, unfollow and follow, like and unlike, or vote and retweet – all from a centralized location.

Get instant sound alerts for each stream, with a specific alert sound to help you recognize when you have activity on your social media accounts. Leave Socialii running in the background, and get an audio alert whenever someone messages, comments, or takes some other action on your connected accounts.

Customize the Stream template with your chosen colors for easier identification of streams. This lets you customize the tabs you see, so you quickly identify them and find what you're looking for. Choose a custom auto-refresh interval for each tab or use manual refresh to keep watch over your social media activity. Multiple languages are supported across the Socialii Stream app.

Social Ebay Marketplace

Use the Socialii eBay Marketplace extension to connect multiple eBay accounts with just a click or two. Get real time order info, including time order was created, number of products in order, price, status of order, and more.

See the status, sold quantity, available quantity, listing end date, and more in real time, and delete info with just a click.

Use the Socialii Ebay Marketplace to create new products based on your parameters and choose your photos with a click. Select multiple accounts for publishing products and choose where you'll share them on social media.

Check out the Analytics tab to generate reports based specific date, including transaction time, store view, conversion rate, search views, direct views, external views, and total impressions, and then download reports to a CSV file for your records or sharing with others.